Getting Published for the First Time #writerslife

A guest post by one of the Cinderella Reimagined authors, Ronel Janse van Vuuren I’ve been writing for years, honing my craft, finding my voice, and entering competitions (because that’s what you do). Writing has always been a way for me to deal with my emotions. When I wrote “Just Deserts”, I couldn’t get near… Continue reading Getting Published for the First Time #writerslife

Interview about Reimaginings Books #AtoZChallenge

You can imagine… You can also reimagine! 😃 Both are excellent undertakings and fun activities.

Ronel the Mythmaker

R is for Reimaginings.

I know, I like to focus on my own writing adventures when I can. I’ve already told you all that two of my short stories were published in Cinderella Reimagined. And, of course, there are plenty more opportunities to come. To explain that, I did an interview with Anna Jailene Aguilar.

  1. How did the Reimaginings Anthologies come to be?

Reimaginings Anthologies, or Reiminagings Books, started with Cinderella Reimagined, thus, I would share how Cinderella Reimagined was born, although I am not sure anymore if the idea came about before or after I wrote my short story but Theresa J. Barker and I started chatting about writing our own Cinderella stories. Then, I suggested inviting fellow writers/bloggers to share their own Cinderella stories.

So, why a Cinderella story? For me, it was probably because of my love of shoes, Jimmy Choo specifically. Of course…

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Imagine – #guestpost

A guest post by one of the Cinderella Reimagined authors, Sascha Darlington. If you love music, you may be into cover tunes, like I am. For me, to hear a song I love given a fresh treatment, a different sound, is like hearing the song anew. You don’t get that with paintings. Or sculptures. Or… Continue reading Imagine – #guestpost