REIMAGINING Books is a collaboration between two authors, Anna Jailene Aguilar and Theresa J. Barker, supported by fellow writers who contribute to various projects which are retelling of classics.

We work with authors to produce anthologies of classic retellings from folk tales to Shakespeare’s plays, Jane Austen’s novels and many more. The short stories are told from different perspectives and they are not limited to the genre of the original story. The stories can be close to original or they can simply hint to the classic.

Our first project is Cinderella Reimagined: An Anthology of Cinderella Retellings, which is now available on Amazon, in the USA, UK and Europe.

Cinderella Reimagined (front and back)

Our next project is the retelling of Midsummer Night’s Dream. We will be posting the guidelines separately.

Ultimately, we aim to have brilliant anthologies of retelling of the great classics!

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